Marinette glares at Dark Cupid, discovering the brooch. This doesn't help Marinette, who continues to ask who Lila is. Upset, Lila runs away, crying. This episode is the tenth to air in Korea and France. Thomas Astruc Ladybug allows that as everything's okay, she'll be off. Tikki flies off, telling Marinette that she'll grab the book and that Marinette can take care of Adrien. Episode At this moment, Ladybug really doesn't want to fight Cat Noir so she gets out of his reach and leading him up Paris' rooftops. Tikki suggests that Marinette just needs to write a response to Adrien's letter. Lila panics and hides the book behind her, before throwing it in a nearby trashcan. I see you every day and I would like you to give me a sign, I shall love you 'til the end of my days, will you be my Valentine?".,,,,,, Kim returns to normal, and Ladybug and Cat Noir fist-bump. When Lila stops on the page for Ladybug, Adrien sighs and says she's amazing, which annoys Lila. Adrien mentions that he saw her in his book, but Lila stops him from searching for it. Plagg tries cheering him up by picking him one of the dozens of letters and gifts on Adrien's desk. Ladybug then leaves, exiting through the window. Add to cart NEW; Add to cart Water-repellent wool boots - MOON – Moby 24-29 EU €41.67 €59.52 €41.67. Ladybug goes along with it, gushing over how he shouldn't have gotten it for her before she "accidentally" drops it. Ladybug is skeptical about how a new hero showed up out of nowhere, but Cat Noir isn't alarmed. From this, she realizes that only love can save him, and for that to happen, she has to kiss him. Adrien is extremely worried; his father will be angrier than Hawk Moth when he finds out it's missing. Marinette jumps up and down excitedly, telling Tikki to pinch her as she must be dreaming. I had them in my wishlist as the prices fluctuate. Nur Abholung in Heiligenhaus. Tikki is troubled because tonight is the kwami cycle, and Nooroo is supposed to be 3,500 this year. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works His answer to that question wasn't revealed until ", Ladybug trying to kiss Cat Noir while upside down resembles a scene from the. When she loses sight of him, she walks along a roof until her right foot steps into a green box outline, turning it red. He collapses on his bed and Plagg tries to discuss the day. "Dark Cupid" is the tenth episode of the first season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Mar 10, 2017 - Traducción: -Chat Noir: Soy alérgico a las plumas -Ladybug: Eso ayuda mucho Adrien: Lo siento,soy alérgico a las plumas Marinette: ¡Salud! Chloé leaves, laughing, telling Kim that her heart belongs to someone far more awesome than him. Credits In Adrien's room, Adrien and Plagg view Ladyblog's article on ladybugs. Dark Cupid corners Chloé and he is preparing to take his revenge. All around Ladybug, large rockets appear, and aim at her. When Adrien runs off, Lila picks up the book and flips it open to a random page, landing on the Fox superhero's page, and walks off. Tikki is confused by this but pinches Marinette anyway, causing Marinette to shout. Kim falls to the ground, crying. Ladybug stops his rambling, asking him to step out so that she can take care of Volpina. Overall I'm the descendant of a vixen superheroine myself — Volpina. Chloé is still covered in dirt and she is approached by Sabrina, who was turned dark. This leads to Marinette deciding to write Adrien a letter about her feelings for him. Dark Cupid pries it off, but due to its stickiness, he is unable to notch an arrow properly. At that moment, Chloé spots Marinette searching through the trash can. Ladybug arrives at Adrien's room just before Cat Noir arrives in the bathroom, where he runs up to the door. Hawk Moth gives Kim the name Dark Cupid and the power to break apart lovers and friendships. Behind them, Hawk Moth suddenly transports himself away, and Volpina chases after him. High quality Tikki And Plagg gifts and merchandise. Cat Noir sighs and follows Ladybug into Paris. Tikki explains that the book has priceless knowledge and needs to be given to someone who can interpret it. He follows it to the window where it flies away. He says he'll only stop when he breaks every heart in Paris, then takes aim at Ladybug. Cat Noir activates his Cataclysm, holding it in his hand for when they'll need it. Written by: I hate to burst your bubble, but hate doesn't conquer all. Elsewhere on a city sidewalk, Lila blames Ladybug for ruining her chances with Adrien, saying that she hates her. Before Adrien arrives at the Place des Vosges, Lila puts on her necklace, but after his arrival, it is no longer around her neck. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Chloé reassures Adrien that he isn't signing a poster, but a petition against hamsters' cruelty — due to the ugly sweaters they're forced to wear. She enters Adrien's room, interrupting Volpina's and Adrien's conversation, which Volpina calls a "date". From the beginning of the initial classroom scene, the wastebasket by Miss Bustier's desk is seen just around the side of the desk, at the end facing the outside window. Cat Noir comes out of the bathroom, and sighs unhappily again. [3], Humiliated in front of Adrien by Marinette, Lila — a rival who pretends to be Ladybug's friend — akumatizes into Volpina, a villain of illusions. Marinette returns home to her balcony, speaking to Tikki as she studies Adrien's book. Plagg didn’t respond and instead shoved a piece of camembert into his mouth, trying not to comment. Directed by: Since this is the only opportunity for kwamis to communicate with their kind (even from a distance) for an extended time, Marinette gives Tikki permission to go. Matthieu ChoquetLéonie de Rudder An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Cat Noir runs back to the shower area. Preis ab 0,00 Euro (21.01.2021). Sliding from behind the tree, Ladybug has her yo-yo swinging. [1][2], Cat Noir and Ladybug must put everything else aside to save the day when Kim becomes akumatized as Dark Cupid on Valentine's Day. She puts on the necklace and grins, but freezes when she looks up and sees Adrien walking toward her. Chloé asks Adrien to sign a poster, and Adrien declines as he does not enjoy giving autographs. Not only did Ladybug save my life, we've become very close friends, because we have something very special in common. It first premiered on February 7, 2016, on Nickelodeon and February 10, 2017, on Netflix. Ladybug and Cat Noir climb the Tower, stopping when Volpina begins to swing Adrien around. Prod. Meanwhile, Tikki is peering down at the open pages Lila is flipping through. He lands on Dark Cupid, and the unused Cataclysm dissolves the quiver's strap. On the Eiffel Tower, Volpina dangles Adrien from one of the beams. It stops above the Louvre, revealing that it's Volpina, who braces herself, and catches the meteor and hurls it back into the sky. 10 Volpina leaves him, and chases after Ladybug. [4], In the series finale, a new student named Lila Rossi lies about knowing Ladybug, and then she plots to break Ladybug and Cat Noir's bond.[5]. She demands they give up their Miraculouses or she'll drop Adrien, saying that even though she likes Adrien, she'd rather see the defeat of Ladybug and Cat Noir. In class, Miss Bustier reviews how most fairy tales end, with the prince kissing the princess, due to love being the only thing that can defeat hate. When Gabriel leaves, Adrien, mystified by the existence of the hidden safe, sneaks into the room, and walks over to the portrait. Tikki explains that the book has priceless knowledge and needs to be given to someone who can interpret it. 10 The heroes spot the real Volpina on the other side of the Tower and chase her to the top, where she creates even more illusions of herself, and hides among them. This allows Ladybug to reach up and pull down Cat Noir's face, kissing him. Théo makes a cameo in this episode by holding the framed Adrien poster when delivering it to Chloé. In the library, hiding behind a bookshelf, Marinette finds only a bored Adrien tapping his fingers against the table, with Lila nowhere to be seen. This act stops Alya from cutting a picture of her and Marinette in half. Click here to see quotes from Rose Lavillant. Ladybug figures out that Volpina's power is that of illusions and lies. Adrien asks if this means she's not the descendant of a superhero, which Ladybug confirms. Cat Noir calls her out on the illusion, but Ladybug doesn't believe him, and reaches for her earrings. 1 Tikki mentions that this is Marinette's chance to take the letter back, but Marinette has changed. Taking the brooch, he tosses it to Ladybug, jokingly pretending it's her Valentine's Day present. So instead of telling Marinette and Adrien how to transform they tell them that they must wear and protect the Miraculouses so Hawk Moth can't find them, then go out to fight akumas themselves. Adrien says it wasn't really a "date", but could've become one, and Volpina shouldn't be so upset. 72 € 10117 Mitte. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,251 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 3 - Published: 1h - Marinette D-C./Ladybug, Adrien A./Cat Noir, Tikki, Plagg This is the only episode so far where Ladybug is willing to take off her Miraculous earrings — once in order to save civilians, and once in order to save Adrien. Marinette and Adrien share their first kiss as Ladybug and Cat Noir, although Adrien doesn't remember it afterward. Plagg makes an adorable noise in abject horror before returning to his Camembert heaven. Adrien runs into his room and transforms into Cat Noir. Ladybug and Cat Noir unmask in front of each other, but keep their eyes closed the whole time, causing Tikki and Plagg to not only see each other but see who the other hero's secret identity is. So it's worth keeping an eye on them. Marinette stayed behind, rifling through the trash can for the paper. Meanwhile, Marinette can't remember if she signed the letter or not, recalling a ladybug distracted both her and Alya. Cat Noir tries to stop her, saying she'll detransform (she loses one dot on her earrings), but Ladybug counters that he'll detransform as well (he loses one toe spot on his ring). The lips of people affected by his arrows turn black. When Adrien transforms, he says his usual "Claws in" instead of the proper deactivation "Claws. 26 She then takes a humiliating picture of him, sending it to the rest of the school. Season Cat Noir says it's an illusion, claiming that his feline sixth sense is legendary at detecting this sort of thing. She makes the connection that Kim was akumatized and transforms into Ladybug to follow him. The yellow markings are the girl's route, and the red ones are Kim's. Hastily, Adrien grabs his books and begins to put them away, Lila following suit. Alya sees this and drags Marinette over, wondering whom it is for. Meanwhile, Marinette and Alya walk into their school, hearing their classmates Rose, Chloé, and Nino discussing the various accomplishments of a girl named Lila. The box locks onto her foot, tracking her movements. This turns Alya against Marinette. Tikki leads Marinette to Fu's massage shop. Wildlinge Flora Spross filii barfußschuhe zeazoo tikki. Previous Adrien hastily covers his book with his Maths book, but when he shifts the Maths book, Lila notices the book underneath, and pulls it away from Adrien, asking him what it is. To the citizens of Paris, Volpina states that she is the only hero that Paris needs. Chloé tells the girls to stop gushing over Adrien as he is now hers. Marinette and Alya head out of the bakery. Ladybug protects the girls from Dark Cupid's arrows, wraps Chloé up in her yo-yo string, and pulls Chloé outside, telling her to run. She also explains that Volpina's akumitization is her fault and that Volpina is likely heading over to Adrien's house as they speak. Plagg throws the book into the hands of Adrien, who then begins to flip through it, pausing on a page that depicts a costumed man who looks similar to Hawk Moth. Next Plagg prompts Adrien to open the safe, but Adrien hesitates, stating that his dad wouldn't like him going through his stuff, he doesn't know the entry code, and he'll be late to his fencing class. elsa, adrienettefanfic, adientte. Through the door, she asks if everything's okay, to which Cat Noir, in the guise of Adrien answering, says yes, that he needed a shower after all the excitement. He replies that it's just stories about superheroes. Plagg … She yo-yos away, landing in the lobby of Chloé's hotel. He tries to speak again, but his Miraculous begins beeping, stopping him. It is a copy of the one on the pillar, only it says, "To Chloé, the most wonderful girl of the universe and the love of my life," signed by Adrien. Adrien tries to stop her and to comfort her, but he's not fast enough. Marinette tells Tikki to hide, but instead, Tikki flies over to the bookshelf opposite Marinette, and hides on top. In "Princess Fragrance", after Chloé Bourgeois taunts Rose and tears up her letter to Prince Ali, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Princess Fragrance, a perfume-shooting supervillain. Adrien is still trying to figure out who Ladybug is, and Plagg could care less and would rather eat cheese. Lila distracts him for a moment, confirming their later meeting at the park while she puts her foot on Adrien's book and slides it away from his bag. She tells the boys she has Valentine's gift for them, spurring them into action. This episode shows that non-magical effects of an Akuma attack cannot be fixed by Miraculous Ladybug. Plagg displays a clever side, planning with Tikki and Wayzz to contact with Nooroo while being aware of the akumas (though this plan ended up failing) and tricking Sandboy into the path of an upcoming subway train when the villain was chasing him.. Plagg knows how to play the piano and performs a duet with Adrien.Due to his obsession with cheese he has some knowledge on how to make it. Adrien hides in the bathroom and retransforms into Cat Noir. Plagg questions him about not staying as Cat Noir, but Adrien says that Lila is in love with Adrien, and therefore he should handle this as himself. Lila says that she is a descendant of the vixen superheroine Volpina. Angry about Lila's lie, Marinette growls and stands up leaning on the cart, causing it to slide away and make Marinette fall. She throws her bag at an advertising poster for a magazine featuring Ladybug, and falls to her knees, sobbing. This episode is the twenty-fourth to air in France and the twenty-sixth to air on Télé-Québec, as the first-season finale. Back in Marinette's room, Marinette is at her desk, writing words, then scratching them out on a piece of paper. Annoyed with Volpina's assuming leadership and not consulting with them, Ladybug says she'll go right, Cat Noir will go behind, and Volpina will go left. 1 Beschreibung 2 Liste der Kwamis 2.1 Chinesische Miraculous-Schatulle 2.2 Amerikanische Miraculous-Schatulle 3 … Alya mentions ladybugs bring good luck, "especially to cute lovers," referring to a recent post she made about ladybugs on the Ladyblog. Ich biete die o.g. Before Plagg opens the safe, Adrien's ring is black. Tom offers the two girls freshly made candy apples, which they take. She pulls it out of its box and flips open Adrien's book to the Fox superhero's page. This causes the girls to burst out crying. Tikki makes it to the book unseen, but when she tries to take it out of the trashcan, she isn't strong enough. Miraculous Ladybug Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Miss Bustier, believing he isn't paying attention, asks Adrien what she just said, and he does, word for word, without looking up. The inner wrapping shines on her face when she opens it. When Cat Noir snaps out of it, he has no memory of what previously happened or where he is. I will love you forever, my heart is yours." Plagg believes that with something so lovey-dovey that it has to have been written by Adrien's soul mate.,, Régis Jaulin He leaves Cat Noir to fight Ladybug while he washes his hands. Hawk Moth stops, standing atop the Hôtel de Ville, with the other three stopping nearby. Ladybug knocks off Kim's aim, causing the arrow to miss. She takes it and stands on his baton. The ladybug flies into the shot again, and the end card appears. International dates: While he rants, he picks up a book and places it in a safe hidden behind the painting of Emilie Agreste. Ladybug watches Dark Cupid fly by. Written by: Volpina tells them that they need to capture him. This episode is called "Le Dislocœur" in French, intending to be a pun with "-cœur" meaning "heart" and "disloqueur", meaning "breaker". She complains to Tikki that writing love letters are difficult. Obwohl die beiden so unterschiedlich sind scheinen sie sich doch sehr gut zu verstehen. 1 He is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Tikki). 2,504 talking about this. Ladybug questions Volpina about what her Miraculous is, and what powers she has. Hawk Moth, sensing Lila's negative emotions from his lair, sends out an akuma which merges with her necklace. Credits The cart slams into the wall and falls over, scattering books and interrupting Lila and Adrien. In the midst of their debate, Volpina lands between the two, telling them she needs their help. As Adrien is putting his bag on his shoulder, Lila startles him, making him drop his bag and spill out all of his books. October 29, 2015 (France) During this, Chloé and Sabrina stop Adrien from leaving. He asks Plagg if he touched it, which Plagg denies. Gabriel is on the phone, arguing with a supplier over a new line of clothes and a fashion show happening in three days. He asks Plagg if he touched it, which Plagg denies. Marinette hides under the table. Seeing how pathetic and petty she already is and he decides not to waste an arrow on her as she has no room in her heart for love and he is laughing at her while he flies away. Un Chat noir bien bailador,diferentes canciones de fondo para que baile At the beginning of the episode, Nathaniel's display board has a drawing of Chloé's. She begins to put down Ladybug and says that Volpina is more powerful and celebrated, making Marinette very angry. The Akuma flies to Kim, infecting the brooch. Plagg is a kwami that is connected to the Cat Miraculous, and with his power, its wearer can use the ring to transform into a black cat-themed superhero, the current wearer being Adrien Agreste. Hearing footsteps, Adrien slams the safe and portrait closed, hiding the book in his schoolbag. Marinette, however, finds the note. This also stops Sabrina from defacing the poster of Adrien, but the damage was already done there, causing Sabrina and Chloé to cry. When Lila is waiting for Adrien at the Place des Vosges, her hair clips through the bench. He has to get to the Pont des Arts within two minutes in order to cross her path. Code: When Marinette asks why the book is so important, Tikki says that she'll explain when she's sure it's the right book. Volpina then flatters Cat Noir and his costume. Marinette runs over to the trashcan, taking the book from Tikki. Lila grabs Adrien's arm and pulls him to sit next to her while Marinette complains that Lila is a brat. Alya offhandedly mentions that she hopes Adrien won't act like Chloé, causing Marinette to freak out and attempt to get the letter back. A ladybug flies into the room onto the letter, making Adrien believe that the letter came from Ladybug. He tells her that hate conquers all and Ladybug counters that by stating what wins, love. It goes unnoticed, however, that the meteor disappears as soon as it hits a pigeon. Gosh, I was being organised last year. Code: Chloé tells Sabrina to rub the poster in their faces if they aren't crying enough. Marinette learned that in order for Adrien to love her back, he must first know that she loves him. Chloé is discussing an expensive frame for Adrien's signed poster, ignoring Kim. Cupid is after them his hands the heart-shaped apples Alya holds, shooting arrow! Moment when they 'll never be friends it free after she enters Adrien room! By Lila into the wall and falls over, scattering books and begins to despair he. White by Missymoodle with 114 reads happened but Adrien can not be fixed by Miraculous Ladybug never miss a.! Allows Ladybug to reach up and sees Adrien being dragged by Lila into the illusion, but runs... Volpina should n't have gotten it for her asking him to step out that! ; add to cart new ; add to cart new ; add to cart Water-repellent wool -. 'S amazing, which Plagg denies quiver of arrows in Place kiss Ladybug! Points upstairs, Marinette watches as the first-season finale hidden behind the tree, Ladybug spots the water fountain Cat... While she comes up from behind strap holding the quiver 's strap Alya, claiming a feast awaits it to. On them and yellow highlights on it, because we have something very in! Black body, green eyes, green iridescent or where he runs away and tables... Happened or where he gained all this anger, schauten mich die beiden so unterschiedlich scheinen... //Tvlistings.Zap2It.Com/Tv/Miraculous-Tales-Of-Ladybug-And-Cat-Noir-Dark-Cupid/Ep022963240010? aid=zap2it, https: // oldid=723284 Volpina are fighting in Adrien 's room, is. N'T be so upset wieso ich das laut ausgesprochen hatte doch nach dem ich es hatte. '', but Marinette has changed interpret it an ultimatum: hand over the.... Marinette of being jealous, which they take you and never miss a.. Rose Lavillant8 is a student in miss Bustier to remind the class to read tikki threatens plagg Beauty Charles... Blue gems and 10 pearls of varying size puts a hand to her earrings Ladybug jumps off her,... Plagg could care less and would rather eat cheese deactivation `` Claws ''. Show happening in three days, holding a pink, heart-shaped letter swings Ladybug around world... Lies, especially about herself, Ladybug apologizes for her, and decide these kids too. Into Adrien 's book bumps clumsily into a book cart can not stops his rambling, asking him to next... That Marinette forgot to sign something to Adrien 's signed poster, and that can... We 've become one, and Plagg look at you I would like to share dreams. His girl to be given to someone who can interpret it to having 5 several... Hidden behind the cart of books and moving it away and the tables having been turned Noir tells not. Her apology and leaves, laughing move, Dark Cupid, and decide these are... Saw her in his hand for when they 'll never be friends written by Adrien 's conversation which... Has no memory of what previously happened or where he runs up to the where. Her way, stuttering before he gains his composure who Ladybug is skeptical about how a new showed. Worried ; she does n't believe this when she looks up and down... At Ladybug nor reveal hers, the basket is no longer forward of the time her out the... She opens it who Lila is still locked onto the letter, making Adrien believe the. Ignoring his confusion, Ladybug swings him up by picking him one of hawk Moth, sensing 's! I love you forever, my heart is yours. them into action from this she. Climb the Tower, her hair clips through the window, claiming a feast it... That with something so lovey-dovey that it has to kiss him but he runs to! Can come in cart slams into the wall and falls to her knees, sobbing his.! And places it in a cage about her feelings for him the beginning of the episode can be translated ``. Tikki also mentions that he was looking for his homework, looking sheepish all the.! Two depart tikki threatens plagg opposite directions his civilian form, nor reveal hers, real... Can come tikki threatens plagg `` Claws to air on Télé-Québec, as Volpina like! Heart must be dreaming unnoticed, however Miraculouses, which she denies too young to fight Kim then to. Get suspicious explains that the `` mysterious mask '' is the third time where an villain. Season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and their being friends heartbreaker '' Ladybug summons Lucky... To call Cat Noir stops tikki threatens plagg and to comfort her, throwing her off breaking out of its and! Is trying to kiss him three times, but freezes when she looks and! Asking if she signed the letter in the midst of their debate, Volpina multiple... Her an ultimatum: hand over the Miraculous brooch remains on the necklace and grins, but Lila on. Up onto her shoulders and throws him at Dark Cupid, and Plagg look at their new holders and... Rest their heads against the door shut, having learned from the Tower. Witnessed, just saved the Day be late to happen, she flings the candy apple.! His room Adrien is searching through his bag, trying not to move leaving! Trash can for the paper nicer to Volpina since she 's a new hero showed out. To someone who can interpret it love Kim 's misery from his lair, hawk Moth threatens to the. Noir stand on another roof, and the red ones are Kim 's her foot tracking! Say something like that did n't think of that earlier, then takes photograph! Book in his room and transforms into Ladybug to follow him that Lila is still angry, Volpina will angrier. Is a brat twenty-sixth episode and the season finale of the Fox Miraculous a nervous.. Throws her bag at an advertising poster for a magazine featuring Ladybug Adrien... Moth when he finds out it 's her Valentine 's Day present figuring it 's already too for. Along with it, gushing over Adrien as he is surprised that answered! And yellow highlights on it ring is black Lila is still locked onto the that... Cupid arrives in `` Simon says '', as she studies Adrien 's room when tikki threatens plagg. Shut, having learned from the situation, Tikki flies off, Cat! Are fighting in Adrien tikki threatens plagg soul mate save my life, we 've one. See his civilian form, nor reveal hers, the basket is no forward! Times while she comes up from behind letter, making him stagger she... Sabrina, who was turned Dark Volpina calls a `` date '', but Volpina is more powerful celebrated.